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You can be fit, toned and firm after 50 -- I'll show you how.

I KNOW. I'M 62 (honest!)

If you’re a woman over 50 who’s ready to defy the odds, defeat the aging stereotypes, get in shape, and let your BEST SELF come through, you are in the right place.

Linda Melone, 62, founder of Ageless After 50

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ageless after 50


ready for an ab plan that really works?

For a total plan focused on the most requested trouble spot fix, my Total Ab-Firming Action Plan checks all the boxes: a complete ab and core workout with mix and match options, a proven meal plan for belly fat loss, motivation... and more!

a dozen of my best workouts to mix and match

This collection of 12 workouts includes the best of the best from several of my premium plans. Mix and match them to meet your fitness goals, available time, and specific interests. If you're looking for home workouts without the muss and fuss and with all the results -- this is your plan.


When others say, “You better slow down and fade into the background,” I say, “It’s time to shine!”

Who am I to talk?

For starters, I’m 61 myself and I’m far from fading into the background. So when I tell you, “I get it,” I really do.

I’ve lost more than 15 lbs since turning 50, and have helped many others do the same. It’s not just about counting calories, either. Being ageless is about the right mindset and being happy in your own skin.

Hang with me and you’ll learn the tools to help you firm up, tone up, shape up – and laugh it up – by finding what works for you, regardless of where you are right now.

Take action and get started moving in the right direction NOW!

Check out my award-winning blog where you’ll find hundreds of posts on just as many topics. Be sure to search for your favorite topics.

Keep reading for more great info… I look forward to helping you!

We’re in this together!


what people say


"I was sold on Linda after watching her videos and seeing her plan. She just knew her stuff. I accomplished my goal to firm up. She knew what I needed more than I did. She helped me change up the routines so it didn't get boring. I really like her whole-body, 15- to 20-minute workouts, that I can add things to and make longer when I have time."

Alyson Stanfield, 55

"Linda Melone stands out from the rest! My busy lifestyle and need for quality info on my body’s needs Linda meets it in her webinars. Fun, to the point, and things I can do right away. Looking for points on nutrition and fitness, specifically designed for over 50 – Linda Melone reaches me in doable, easy to understand methods, with the credentials and experience."

Carmel Stuart

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