We’ve been our new house for three weeks now, and I’ve come to a number of realizations. One, is how even though we moved only 12 miles from our former house, it may as well be on another planet. 

I do my shopping at all new stores, including an organic grocer with the apparent tagline: If you thought organic was expensive before, wait until you see our prices!

Another biggie: I go to a new gym where I know exactly NO ONE. In my old gym I’d walk in and immediately get crap from friends teasing me about being late, even if it’s 5:00 a.m. 

I’ve often talked about how my social life (sadly or not) revolves around my gym friends, so being surrounded by a whole new crowd who doesn’t know me from Adam Eve makes it harder to get motivated. 

On the other hand, where my former gym had a tight-knit, dysfunctional family type feel, it was also very cliquey and gossipy. So this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the new gym everyone wears a headset, sings quietly to themselves, does their workout and leaves.

I’ve joined these ranks, at least for now (without the singing part).

Honestly, the easiest thing in the world for me would be to fade into the background of No One Loves Me *sniff,* eat my weight in chocolate and forget this whole fitness thing.

Who would even know? Well, you, for one, especially if you follow me on YouTube. That much chocolate does not look great wrapped in Spandex.

I have to stay the course also because making the news when the National Guard is called out to lift the roof off our house because I could no longer fit out the front door would hardly set a good example.

So, I go, pump iron, and do my thing to maintain status quo.

Going through a major life change, be it divorce, moving, or kids moving out of the house, can sometimes make or break you.

It’s especially tough when it brings on a bit of depression. In my case it’s a mixed bag of feelings, including happiness over our new home and going to a gym filled with total strangers and having conversations that usually start with, “Are you using this bench?” as the other person looks annoyed, lifts one earbud out to hear my question, with a how dare you disturb my inner sanctum of Everything Me look on his face.

This made me think about how easy it can be to fall into bad habits and just give up.

Or, in other words, we can sometimes get in our own way by thinking ourselves into a negative space. Here are a few common things I’ve heard recently that could stop results before they even start…

1. “So what that I’m 20 lbs overweight? I can always lose it.”

Sure you can. But consider that all the people featured on the reality show, My 600-lb Life, were also only 20 lbs overweight at some point. Do it NOW, before you have 50, 75, 600, or more lbs to lose. Then it’s a much harder battle.

 2. “I’m not ready! If I can’t exercise or eat perfectly, what’s the point?”

By this standard, you’ll never be ready. No one — even top athletes in their field — eats or exercises on point every single day. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about creating consistent habits you do MOST of the time.

3. “I always end up hurt when I start exercising. I’m not built for it.”

If you’re injured after a workout it’s because you either did too much, did not use proper form, or did too much. I said the latter twice because it’s more than likely the situation. We tend to use exercise as a form of punishment rather than as a way to take care of ourselves. Start slowly and ease into any program. Going from the couch to running a mile or lifting weights without a warm-up practically guarantees injury.*

4.“I’m too busy to figure out healthy meals and an exercise plan.”

Ignoring your diet and exercise means you’ll eventually pay the price in some way. Yes, starting a new nutrition or exercise plan takes some time, but once you set it up and it becomes habit it eventually becomes second nature. You simply replace old habits with better ones and life goes on, just not on its original, destructive, path.

5. “I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me.”

This usually means, “I’ve tried everything I feel like doing and…” Because, look, “everything” encompasses, well, everything. SOMETHING out there will work for everyone, it’s a matter of finding a plan and sticking to it long enough to see results. Therein lies the real challenge.

NOW YOU... Do any of these sound a bit too familiar? Be honest. Let me know in the comments section and if you’ve found a solution that solved your issue… 

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