Let me say upfront that I did not go from owning a bakery to becoming a personal trainer for its shock value. And, contrary to popular rumors, nor did I do it to create my own clientele.6 Key ingredients for a DIY success plan

Although that would’ve been ingenious on my part.

Truth is, as a creative person, I loved the decorating and cake design concepts no one else was dumb enough to try ever tried before.

For example, I once created a fire hydrant cake for a dog’s birthday party (I don’t know the fate of that creation and prefer to keep it that way).

I also assembled a haunted house cake for an artist’s Halloween wedding, an aircraft carrier cake, and wedding cakes decorated with elaborate flowers using a technique I learned from a former White House pastry chef.

At the time I owned my bakery, I also got seriously into fitness and eventually grew tired of being called out for smelling like cake (“who’s got muffins in their gym bag?”) when I walked into the locker room. So I turned away from the dark side and went into personal training in 1995.

I realized recently how similarities exist between cake making from scratch (I developed all my own recipes and never used mixes) and getting in shape.

Can you guess which of these will result in a great product in both instances:

  1. A good plan/recipe
  2. Quality effort/ingredients
  3. Time and patience
  4. Just winging it and see what happens
  5. Lots of chocolate, butter and whipped cream

Time’s up!

Needless to say, #4 won’t work in either case. Number 5 works for cakes but not so much if you’re trying to lose weight.

6 Key ingredients for a DIY success planMost importantly in both situations: You can’t just “wing it” and expect stellar results.

Unlike cooking, where you can add a dash of seasoning here, a splash of wine there, and adjust as you go, baking is a science. It’s one reason why cooks don’t necessarily love baking and vise versa. I could bake a cake while wearing a blindfold but don’t ask me to get creative with an artichoke.

You need a specific proportion of baking soda per cup of flour, for example. You also can’t substitute baking powder for baking soda because these leaveners act differently. This leaves zero room for creativity at the baking stage.

Mess it up and you’ll have a cake that tastes like soap. I’ve seen it happen, although thankfully not to me.

Same goes for weight loss and fitness. 

Simply making up your mind to lose weight and then taking random steps, doing whatever exercises you find without a clear idea of where you’re heading or what you’re working, is as likely to yield results as playing slot machines in Vegas: not great.

Like making a white chocolate mousse cake, you need a plan, a tried and true, kitchen-tested recipe.

Here’s my best formula for creating an effective weight loss and get fit plan (before you ask, sorry, all my actual bakery recipes are lost in the archives of caloric history somewhere):

Ageless Body Recipe

2 to 3 weight/resistance training workouts a week     

5 days cardio, 30-minutes each OR

3, 10-minute mini cardio workouts daily

1 to 2 days of interval training per week

Calorie intake to meet your goals

Patience, as needed 

  1. Combine all ingredients, adjusting to taste and fitness levels
  2. Keep consistent for at least 90 days before assessing results
  3. Continue until you achieve desired results, adjusting as necessary

That’s it, your recipe for an Ageless Body After 50!

If it sounds as if I’m oversimplifying, I assure you I’m not. We tend to make things too complicated and then use it as an excuse to give up and stick with our old habits.

You don’t have to eat special gut flora, choke down green slimey drinks every morning or do a specific series of exercise designed to kill a Navy Seal in order to lose weight.

It’s a matter of combining all the right ingredients, doing them consistently, and allowing yourself time to see the results.

Who knew?

NOW YOU…  Which part of the formula could use improvement in your plan? Let me know your challenges by commenting in the box below! 

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P.S. By the way, if you need help coming up with a plan, let’s set up time for a quick 15 minute consultation. I will give you 2 to 3 actionable advice you can do this week: linda@lindamelone.com

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