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I blog every Monday and Thursday, tackling topics ranging from belly fat, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, motivation and more. I wrap it all up in a humorous package to make it easy to digest. In the process I also give you a glimpse into the struggles of my own life – the good, the bad and the ugly. I promise you will always walk away with real, actionable advice you can use.

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The most important thing I learned in 58 years on this planet

Every year I expect to become wiser in some way. So today, on the eve of my 58th birthday (Jan 17), I’m sitting in front of my computer, waiting for a lightning bolt, rainbow or burst of glitter to announce the arrival of this knowledge. So far: nada. Since the birthday fairies are apparently busy…

3 Cardio myths that make you fat

Many moons ago, long before the existence of the Internet, no one thought much about cardio. We were too busy fetching water down by the stream, hunting down our next meal and worrying about whether the pony express would deliver the Sears catalogue in time for the holiday rush. (I realize I mixed several different…

4 Motivation killers you underestimate (and how to turn them around)

Next to weight loss and belly fat, “ways to stay motivated” tops many Ageless Women over 50’s wish list. Whenever I hear this question I wish I could climb a mountain somewhere in Peru, seek out a bearded guru wearing a multi-colored sarong and offer him a plate of figs in exchange for the answer,…

How to handle fitness setbacks

  I admit, I don’t like surprises. I’ll make exceptions for those that involve a chocolatey center, an unexpected award, or a birthday party in my honor. For those, I’m on board.    So when technical problems reared their ugly head last week after launching my new website, I was considerably less than thrilled. “Surprise! You’re in…

How to push through the post-holiday blues

The start of a new year makes me more introspective than usual.  Which means I ask myself, “What the heck is wrong with me?” at least several times a day, versus just once when I wake up and want to pull the covers over my head. Okay, I may be exaggerating but not by much.…

5 ways to get better results from any workout

Regardless of the time of day I get to the gym, I’m guaranteed to find one thing every single time. Can you guess it? Here’s a hint, it’s one of these: A. People with a severe case of bed head B. Weights strewn all over the gym as if a bomb went off in the center…

3 Keys To Get Started and Keep Going

I’m writing this on Christmas Day. I told myself I would take the day off, but you know what? It feels good to get some of my thoughts on paper. Besides that, writing this keeps me from diving headfirst into the bag of ridiculously calorically-rich candy my parents sent me. Every year my mom and…

Top 10 Ageless After 50 posts of 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of another year. And, from what I can gather, most people would rather forget 2016 ever happened.    In fact, people who write about history could leave it out of any future textbooks and no one would complain. Let’s just close the lid, nail it shut, dust off…

3 Steps to create an effective weight loss strategy

Ask people about their goals for the New Year and 99% will answer, “lose weight!” “get in shape!” or “be happy!” The remaining 1% are still too hungover to answer. Studies show we’re more likely to find motivation when we have a clean slate in front of us: a new home, new relationship, new job…

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