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I blog every Monday and Thursday, tackling topics ranging from belly fat, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, motivation and more. I wrap it all up in a humorous package to make it easy to digest. In the process I also give you a glimpse into the struggles of my own life – the good, the bad and the ugly. I promise you will always walk away with real, actionable advice you can use.

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The only New Year's resolution you need in 2017 (plus a new video!)

I remember turning my cat calendar over to July 25th this year and joking to my husband, “Only five months until Christmas!” We both laughed at how fast time flies. That was five minutes ago.    And once again, here we are, bringing the cat to the vets for her annual holiday ornament eating emergency.…

5 Ways to cultivate an ageless mindset… for an ageless body

  I walked into the gym the other morning and staked my claim on a bench in the weight room. Another member, someone I know on a “hi, how are you?” basis sat next to me. He’s very thin, a little hunched over, with a weathered face, looking as if he either worked outdoors or…

7 Easy ways to boost your metabolism (and none involve kale)

  Imagine you can eat anything and never gain weight. Some animals can do this. We call them “teenagers.” You know you have teenagers when you run out of food and you’re not finished unloading groceries from the car, a comic once quipped. Oh, how I long for those days.   I remember merely thinking…

3 Non-negotiable keys to weight loss success (plus a bonus tip!)

I’ve never been a big negotiator, even at yard sales and swap meets where you’re expected to haggle. It makes me uncomfortable.  I’m sure this weirdness can be traced back to some childhood issue. It was probably over trying to negotiate with my mom to switch from Cheerios to Captain Crunch, debating the age I…

Fat-burning, low-impact, home workout

I skipped the gym today. If you know me at all, you know there’s only one reason why I’d do such an outlandish thing.       In short: Call the coroner. Wait! Just kidding. I’m still alive. What, you ask, would cause me to make such a life-altering move and ruin my day before…

7 energizing tactics when you're dog tired

Most days I don’t really mind aging, despite all my complaining about my knee. Besides, until someone creates an actual time machine that can send me back to the 70s, it’s not as if I have a choice.      The only time it truly bothers me is when it takes me five minutes to…

33 ways to burn off Thanksgiving dinner

As much as we kvetch about trying to lose weight, Thanksgiving is the one day you can brag about how much you ate and receive accolades and admiration for a job well done. This does not work any other day.   Coming into work with your pants unbuttoned and telling coworkers, “OMG, I ate so…

How to turn your daily routine into a firm-up plan

I usually save workout posts for Thursday, but I felt this topic combines motivation with a bit of fitness thrown in, so it still qualifies for a Monday Motivation.     Besides, with the holidays around the corner it’s a good idea to think proactively so January 1 doesn’t blindside you… “What?? I just finished scooping…

 7 fitness & weight loss hacks no one tells you

I am a huge fan of scary movies — not gratuitously violent films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – but more of the Jurassic Park, Cloverfield and, more recently, the Lights Out, variety (if you haven’t seen it, and can afford to skip a night of sleep, it’s a “must see”).    It makes no…

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