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#1 Blog for Fitness for over 50 Award

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5 Mindset changes to achieve an ageless body

How many times have you heard, “It’s all in your head!”? If you’re me, it’s a lot. I consider myself a positive person except when it comes to my health. Every ache and pain has me mentally planning my obituary and wondering what kind of fitness example I’m setting by...

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3 Anti-gravity butt boosters

Gravity. We need it to keep us from floating around in space, I get it. But there’s a major downside. Every day we battle against this invisible force that wants to literally drag our butts into the ground, preferably the center of the earth. Or magnetic north. (You...

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3 Best ab exercises for women over 50

Belly fat. It’s a constant battle after 50. One day you’re 23, frolicking on the beach in a bikini without a thought about sun damage (“Who cares what I’ll look like when I’m 40?” some young thing once said to me), the number of calories in fried clams or how you look...

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The key to overcoming any challenge

I’ve been through some serious crap in my life, including surviving an eating disorder and an abusive relationship, but last September (2014) presented me with one of my biggest challenges to date. I was driving to the gym early one morning, as I do nearly every day....

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5 Weight training rules for women over 50

In the beginning there was thigh gap, a term used to designate the space between the upper legs that exists only if you weigh 12 pounds and are between the ages of 15 and 17.  It was one of the latest, 15-minute trending, eating-disorder provoking goals to achieve,...

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