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#1 Blog for Fitness for over 50 Award

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#1 Belly fat torching exercise routine

As an in-home trainer for over 15 years, I’ve also been insulted, yelled at, cried on, (nearly) barfed on, hugged, and been asked my opinion on everything from politics (no comment) to whether or not I thought it was a good idea to have a fling with the man who...

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Exercise With a Prize Inside

Remember Cracker Jacks? I used to love that stuff. It wasn’t for the caramel popcorn or peanuts (the latter of which I’d toss out), but for the hidden prize inside. It was rarely anything truly exciting but usually a cheesy plastic dog-shaped charm, fake diamond ring...

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30 Seconds to an ageless body

How do you spend your average day? I recently installed an app (at the end of this post) that tells me how much time I waste (although I question how shoe shopping is a “waste” of time) versus actual productive time. The first week the app showed I worked a total of...

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The secret way to cheat and not gain weight

Last weekend I went to dinner with my husband for our anniversary. We picked a restaurant known for its $115, 3-1/2 pound ribeye steak, which translates into about 14, 4-oz. servings. In other words, if you put that steak in the center of the table it would’ve fed an...

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