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3 (More) Best Exercises For Women Over 50

Once upon a time, long before P90X, Insanity and CrossFit were even a twinkle in some fitness guru’s eye, we had the Mark Eden bust developer. Ads featured a woman with ginormous boobage and copy that read, “My bustline went from a flat 35" to a full 39" in just 8...

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3 Tips to Boost Weight Loss

The other day I opened the refrigerator and noticed a nearly empty eggnog bottle. So I asked my husband (for whom I’d bought the premium eggnog), “What did you think of that ‘nog?” “What eggnog?” he asked. “I didn’t even know it was in there.” “Well, I certainly...

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The #1 Resolution For a Leaner Body in 2015

I often get letters from frustrated readers who describe to me their particular situation or health obstacles and how my advice won’t work for them because of X, Y or Z. As much as I want to help, it’s tough for me to know where and how you can make changes. Short of...

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How To De-Stress in 20 Seconds

Do you ever get knots in your muscles? They feel as if someone’s poking you with a finger and won’t stop. As I sit writing these words I have one in my upper back between my shoulder blade and my spine. It’s just painful enough to distract me but not bad enough to...

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7 Tips to Find the Best Workout For You

New workout trends seem to crop up nearly every day and they only seem to get weirder with time. When I started working out 35 years ago (a.k.a. the Jurassic Era) Nautilus was The Next Big Thing. You started at one end of a circuit, spent 20 minutes adjusting the seat...

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