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A Total Body Workout in Minutes a Day

In a perfect world we’d all get up early, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and get to work with an endorphin-fueled smile on our faces. Pause here for laughter. For most of us that will happen the same day a study shows that eating a pint of mint chocolate-chip ice...

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Do This One Thing to Lose 5 lbs This Week

  No, I have not discovered some new get-thin-quick scheme, nor do I believe one exists. However, over the years I've struggled with many clients over this one thing. For many women it’s what I call a “non-negotiable,” (NN) meaning it’s not worth discussing...

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What You Don't Know… Can Make You Fat

  One of the biggest frustrations I hear most often from my over-50 peeps is how weight gain seems to come out of left field. They “do everything right” yet the weight keeps piling on. So… what the heck? When you exercise regularly and eat right it should not be...

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The Key To Weight Loss Success No One Talks About

When I worked as a trainer I'd sometimes dread going to parties because inevitably someone would pop the question, "So what do YOU do?" Once I told them, I'd either get a. excuses as to why they're not working out (without me asking), b. questions about whether or not...

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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Faster

I grew up a skinny kid and hated it. School bullies nicknamed me Boney Meloney. Flattering, right? Needless to say, things have changed. Back then, it seemed no matter what I did I could not gain weight. I put butter on my English muffins, ate cake, pizza, the whole...

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