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#1 Blog for Fitness for over 50 Award

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5 Fixes For Flabby Arms (includes videos!)

Next to belly fat and saggy butts, arm flab comes in third place for Body Parts I Wish I Could Hoist Up Like a Flag. Sadly, after defying gravity for over 50 years, our bodies start to give in to this diabolical force of nature. Tack on a few extra pounds of fat, and...

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5 Keys to get started working out

This past Friday I attended the IDEA fitness conference in Los Angeles. I live 58 miles south of LA. According to Mapquest the trip should take a little over an hour. But with LA traffic it took over 2-1/2 hours. Ask me why I don’t go to LA ever. Except for spending a...

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The best carbs & protein for long-term weight loss

Now that Nat Geo’s Shark Week is officially over we can all thankfully get back to our everyday normal lives. Or maybe that’s just me. Even so. Here’s what I learned from watching interviews with shark attack survivors: Sharks don’t care how many calories they eat or...

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3 Ways To Get More From Your Ab Workout

Flat abs are by far the most common fitness wish list request I hear from women over 50. About 99% of the emails I get include the question: “How can I get rid of this belly fat???” Frowny face. If I had that One Single Answer to this question I’d be writing this from...

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3 Cellulite Busting Exercises

Bumps. I tried thinking of something pleasant that’s also bumpy and found myself at a loss. There are those colorful, dot-like candies we used to peel off paper as kids, bubble wrap (but only for popping), and maybe grapes, but only if you cut them in half. (Do NOT do...

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