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#1 Blog for Fitness for over 50 Award

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3 Keys to reach your fitness goals faster

I have a doctor’s appointment this Friday. Two, back-to-back, actually. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, no! Linda’s got some weird illness and we’ll never hear about her ridiculously silly life situations again. I guess I’ll renew my subscription to Mad Magazine.”...

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3 ways to level-up your results

Challenges have become a big thing lately. They can be healthy challenges (like the Ab Challenge I offer, which you can download HERE) or harmless ones like the mannequin challenge, where participants freeze in position for no reason other than to appear on YouTube...

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5 ways to eat less without cutting calories

It hit 105 degrees here yesterday. Considering we do not live on the surface of the sun, that's rather toasty for the end of October, even for Southern California. To top it off, it was windy. Not a cool breeze to help make the hot temps more bearable, but we get a...

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How to find hidden clues to unlock weight loss

I had two cavities filled yesterday. And no, my blog has not been hijacked by a 7-year old. But I realize that statement doesn’t make sense.   Eating Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts for breakfast and snacking on candy necklaces gives you cavities. How the heck do you get...

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