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5 New Year's Resolutions for Women Over 50

  Now that the year is nearly over, how would you rate your fitness and health for 2013? Did you try a new yoga class, run a 5K or did you end up hitting the snooze alarm far too many times again? Well, here's the good news: you have a shiny New Year to make...

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5 Ways to Burn Fat During the Holidays

Visiting relatives, holiday shopping and partying make it tempting to ditch your workouts until January. Don’t. Between office parties, eggnog and alcohol you’ll be lucky if you can tie your bathrobe together come January 1. But instead of sitting around like a lazy...

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12 Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is the one day a year no one gives you a hard time for eating what you want. One day won’t single-handedly add girth to your midsection unless you carry it over until New Year’s  and beyond. So it's fine to live a little. But since the...

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5 Easy Tips to Eat Like a Trainer

Fitness is one of those rare occupations where your body becomes a marketing tool. Sure, trainers come in different shapes and sizes, but an overweight trainer who eats donuts for breakfast and can't walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing won't earn...

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5 Best Exercises for Women Over 50

Reasons to exercise change as you age. In my 20s it was all about matching my leg warmers to my headband and mimicking moves from Flashdance. I took back-to-back aerobic classes (obsessive much?) and ended up with a stress fracture of my foot thanks to the unforgiving...

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3 Easy Ways to Fit In Exercise

When I worked as a trainer I always readied myself for defensive comments when I asked clients either how much they worked out over the previous week. I'd brace myself for a barrage of excuses about late nights, family gatherings, kids, etc. all ending with, "... so I...

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Pre and Post Workout Meals: What's Best?

  Consider this: more than half the results you get from your exercise program depend on what you eat. That's right, hundreds of crunches and hours of plodding along on a treadmill like a deranged hamster won't undo a bad diet. But when and how much is best to...

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5 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

I confess, I am a beauty products junkie. From body lotions to nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow and everything in between, I’ve been on a quest all my life for the best of the best. And, just like playing slot machines in Vegas, occasionally I score big. I discover...

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5 Sneaky Weight Gain Culprits

It may seem like it, but weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Little habits you pick up over time add up to those excess pounds, and often you’re not even aware of them. It’s easy to cut out dessert when you openly acknowledge that nightly slice of cheesecake. But...

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