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A super simple, fat-burning cardio routine you can do at home (without equipment)

On March 16, when our gym officially closed its doors due to COVID-19, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a set of weights (until now I had only a few dumbbells).  I received an email saying the order would

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5 Things to keep in mind before you start exercising again

It’s bound to happen.  You’re away on a trip without access to workout facilities… or You tweak your back/knee/shoulder and can’t work out for weeks… or A worldwide pandemic keeps you stuck

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A Killer Core Exercise to Challenge You (… and a few words you never want to be called)

Recently a writer friend of mine posted on Facebook, asking (for a story she was writing) how people over 50 would like to be referred to. (Quick side note: I am rarely on FB anymore aside from managing

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How to get moving when you have 8,000 reasons not to

As the most motivated person I know, it’s disturbing to find myself wanting to pull the covers over my head every morning when I realize, nope, it wasn’t just a bad dream. The good news is all

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How to avoid home workout injuries before they happen

Since gyms are closed due to the pandemic, some now offer home workouts free to the public until this apocalypse runs its course.  Free workouts for everyone sounds like a great idea. And for some people,

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3 Thigh Toners that Work – Even for Painful Knees

Here’s the thing about extreme sports: “extreme” is a relative term. When you’re in your 20s, activities such as zip-lining over a pond of alligators, surfing 90-foot waves at night James Bond

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How to roll out tight muscles

The past few weeks I talked about ways to stay fit and avoid gaining 150 lbs while quarantined with stockpiles of canned ravioli and buckets of cookie dough ice cream.  I’m taking it back. All of it.  Well,

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7 Tips to Feel Better No Matter What

I’ve talked before about my obsession with makeup.  As much as I joke around, if you saw my eyeshadow palette collection you’d immediately call Dr. Drew and stage an intervention. Name a color, I

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How to avoid gaining the Quarantine-15

I ordered toilet paper from a woman in North Carolina. And it felt like Christmas morning when it finally arrived. That sums up the highlight of my shelter-in-place activities.  Can you relate? I’ve

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