October 8


3 Things I Learned from 7 Months of Quarantine

By Linda Melone

A commercial came on the other night about depression. Because quarantine can trigger it. The narrator asked a series of questions so you could self-diagnose to see if you fit the profile.

“Oh, look,” I said to my husband after mentally checking off some of the boxes. “I’m [mildly] depressed. That’s my problem.”

In a sense, it was a relief. I wasn’t sure why I’d lost my mojo. Or even where I’d left it.

My sense of humor was down a quart since quarantine began in March. I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

My usual joyous outlook was still there at times, but it was hidden behind a cloak of sadness.

                                                      Anyone seen my glasses? 

I even felt guilty about feeling sad over the loss of my dadBecause we’re all suffering in some way, right? I don’t have a monopoly on sadness.

So I stuffed it.

I’m still doing it. I can’t fully accept I’ll never speak to him again.

But it seeps out between the cracks at times. Like using duct tape to fix something, the problem and sadness are still there. It’s just temporarily taped over.

The good thing about all these months of self-isolation and quarantine is how a few of my mindset and views on fitness have changed.

Here’s a few things I learned that may help you get by, too:

1. It doesn’t take much to stay in shape

Maintaining a moderate level of fitness is fairly easy. I wasn’t doing anywhere near the intensity at home that I did/am doing at the gym (where weights and machines abound), yet the very modified workout I did at home kept me at almost the same fitness level. I wasn’t nearly as sore as I thought I’d be in those first few days back at the gym.

Takeaway: Every little bit you do counts. Move, walk, lift groceries, do what you can with whatever you have.

I used my own workouts from my own Ageless Body 12-Pack Workouts here.

2. Weight control is nearly all about diet

I stopped weighing myself in March to avoid putting more stress on myself. Trying to cope with the pandemic and toilet paper hoarding was enough. I was careful to keep my diet just about the same, although I splurged a bit on chocolate here and there. When I stepped on the scale the other day, I weighed exactly the same. Even though my cardio routine fell far short of what I did at the gym (I have a stationary bike at home, but I spent a lot of time on the stair stepper at the gym), it reinforced the importance of staying the course with food.

Takeaway: Focus on your diet if you’re striving to manage your weight. Hours of cardio are not key, it’s what you’re eating.

grateful heart3. There’s always something to be thankful for

When my husband and I begin falling into the well of sadness and focusing on the horrible stories in the news, I now say: “Stop! Let’s talk about what’s good.” And we both chime in with good news or what makes us happy.

Takeaway: There’s always something to be grateful for.

And, now that our gym has reopened, I realize I do enjoy being around people even if we’re all masked up. I missed human interaction.

Coming from an introvert, that’s saying a lot.

What are YOU happy about today? Let me know in the comments below…

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