After sitting here for literally an hour trying to come up with an opening sentence, I realize the problem.

These blogs would be so much easier if I led an exciting life.  

I would start by saying things like, “I just returned from an African safari and here’s what I learned about the wrong way to ride an elephant…”

Or possibly, “Thankfully, the giant anaconda mistook the tree for my leg or I would’ve been crushed to death…”

Or even, “After the hot air balloon got caught in the tree, all the time we spent waiting for help to arrive paid off when we saw Bigfoot… until he saw us.”

But no.

I’ve been here, at my desk all week, aside from going to the gym, feeding my cats and going to the mall last Sunday.

Actually, I lied. We had a new dishwasher installed last week.

Try to contain your jealousy.

And, to be honest, I don’t really mind.

Because in each of the aforementioned scenarios the one pervasive thought I’d have is, Where’s a bathroom? I have to pee.

So I’m safer here.

But at times I do get a strong FOMO (fear of missing out) urge.

Is anyone else not doing something this weekend? Am I the only one who considers going to the grocery store at “getting out”?


This brings me to today’s subject (thankfully no, it’s not about finding a bathroom in the middle of a safari)…

What to do when the scale seems stuck?

If you’ve been following a good plan, working out regularly and not eating cupcakes for breakfast you should see results on the scale, right?

But sometimes your body decides to show you who’s really boss.    

The good news? You can take back control.

Here’s how…

1. Give yourself a reality check

Saying, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong” means it’s time to figure out what is really wrong. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

— Are you recording your food intake?

If so, are you including the half pack of Mentos you ate in the car (20 calories each — ask me how I know), chowing down on healthy veggies but dipping them in a mayonnaise based dip, or not counting any calories you eat while staring into the refrigerator deciding what to eat?

I know, it’s like I’m in your head.

All of it counts. Most of the time the problem lies with the little nibbles, not the biggies. It’s easy to pinpoint a problem area when you’re tossing out a box of cookies every night, not so much when you’re licking peanut butter off a butter knife while making your granddaughter’s PB&J.

(And yes, gummy bear vitamins count, too, especially if you stir them into frozen yogurt.)

2. Check the oil

Yes, olive oil is good for you but lots of it adds up to mucho calories very quickly. It won’t clog your arteries like bacon fat, but it’s still pure fat calories.

Pay attention to the amount you use in cooking, how much you drizzle over salad and every other little way you use fats. Whether it’s lard, oil or butter, all fat is approximately 100 calorie per tablespoon.

The good news is it’s easiest to cut back on cooking oils and not notice it because they don’t add much outside of calories.

3. Fire up fiber

Most of us don’t get the 25 grams of fiber recommended each day (insert whoopee cushion sound effects here).

Research shows people with higher fiber diets tend to weigh less than their (stopped-up) counterparts.

I stir a high-fiber cereal or pure wheat bran into my Greek yogurt each morning, which starts me out with 10 grams right out of the gate.

After that I eat a huge salad and plenty of veggies during the day.

Aside from helping you lose weight, the fiber keeps your digestive tract healthy and you stay full longer. Win-win-win!

Here are foods with the highest amounts of fiber:

FOOD                                  AMOUNT                          FIBER (grams)

Chia seeds 1 oz  10
Navy beans 1/2 cup cooked 9 – 10
French green beans 1/2 cup 8
Raspberries 1 cup 8
Lentils ½ cup cooked 8
Blackberries 1 cup 8
Bulgur 1 cup 8
Artichokes 1/2 cup 7
Pears 1 medium 6
Avocados 1/2 cup 5


What’s your favorite high-fiber food and how do you like to include it in meals?

Let me know in the comments section below… and please send this out on your social networks and to any of your friends who may enjoy this info. I will be forever grateful. 

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Your Ageless Body Coach,