April 8

7 Tips to Feel Better No Matter What


I’ve talked before about my obsession with makeup. 

As much as I joke around, if you saw my eyeshadow palette collection you’d immediately call Dr. Drew and stage an intervention. Name a color, I have it.

Thankfully, social distancing prevents that from happening for a while. 

I’ve done some of my own soul-searching and research as to why my pupils dilate and my heart speeds up when I walk into Ulta’s.    

Or what motivated me to name my cat Sephora. Yes, for reals.

And here’s what I found.

  1. I’m a little bit “out there.” Okay, I’ll own it.
  2. I LOVE color (says the woman who practically lives in black)
  3. Applying makeup relaxes me 
  4. I was born in the wrong era

The last realization hit me after seeing this video of a woman who lives every day as if it’s 1958.

She’s made up all the time, dressed up, and coiffed as if she’s going out somewhere special. 

The minute I saw this video I felt an instant kinship with this woman, Laci.

I am exactly the same way. 

And, although I was born in 1959 and missed that particular year by one, I am a bit obsessed with the style of the 50s.

I love that men wore suits to mow the lawn and the women get all dolled up in fancy dresses to bake bread.

I work out of the house and am always dressed, made up, lashes included.

There’s a lot of scuttlebutt on social networks lately about how, although this pandemic is the Worst Thing Ever in a million ways, it’s also nice to not have to “worry” about showering, dressing up or otherwise being groomed.

Wait, what??

So… people aren’t using deodorant because they don’t care if they stink when they’re home alone?

Count me out.

As someone who put on eyeliner when she had the flu, I am definitely not on board.

Because here’s the thing: Being pulled together makes me feel better. The process of applying my makeup is comforting and creative for me. I listen to podcasts and generally make it a “mini spa experience.” 

And I’m not alone.

Research shows wearing makeup boosts self-confidence and may even improve cognitive performance.

It’s called “the lipstick effect.”

Now, more than ever, we need to find things that give us a psychological boost.

If makeup isn’t your thing, what else can you do to feel better?

I found these following ideas. Let me know which ones work for you:

  1. Go for a walk — even if you walk in place in your home. Do it to music or while watching your favorite TV show. 
  2. Color or draw or do needlepoint
  3. Sing or listen to your favorite music
  4. Straighten up a drawer or closet
  5. Watch funny videos
  6. Give yourself a mani-pedi
  7. Treat yourself to a face masque and soak in the tub (or a hand masque to hydrate your overwashed hands)


Most importantly (and this is one I use constantly):


We make ourselves miserable by lamenting about the past or worrying about the future.

When you pull yourself back to the present minute, it blocks out the other stuff.

Practice being in THIS MOMENT. Right now. 

THIS one… or this one.

You get the idea.

What else works to make YOU happier? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Be here now…

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