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9 Ways to REALLY firm up after 50

Answers. We want them and we want them now. 
  • Is it possible to lose weight after 50? (totally YES)
  • Does Bigfoot exist? (yes, and he works out at my gym)
  • Why is my favorite lipstick color always discontinued? (it’s a conspiracy) 
I realized this need for immediate, unadulterated, do NOT waste my time! attitude most recently after receiving several responses to my webinar, How to Firm Up After 50.

If you haven’t watched the webinar yet, I highly recommend it because I think you’ll find it helpful if you’re the least bit interested in fitness – but only after you read this in case the same questions pop up for you.

Here are the most FAQs from the viewing audience: 

“Do I need special equipment to do the workouts?” No, but a set of elastic fitness tubing gives you more exercise options

“Am I too old at [insert age here]?”  No, unless you’re no longer fogging a mirror, you can always get stronger and fitter

“For cripe’s sake, will you just get to the point???”

Ah, there it is. I’d like to address this last one.

Here’s the thing.

In the webinar I talk about a LOT of things related to why a lot (not all!) of women gain weight after 50, the role of hormones, what you can and cannot control, and a host of other things to help you understand the changes that occur as we celebrate each new flip of the calendar.

This information helps sets the foundation and the basis for what and why things change. 

And a lot of the information I present was the result of my own research (I went through menopause 10 years ago) and from talking to experts when I couldn’t find answers in the general literature – or from my own doctors.

If you don’t want to understand why these things happen then yes, the webinar will sound like Charlie Brown’s mother.

But let me ask you: Don’t you want to know what’s going on with your own body??

For example: Did you know that if you eat healthy your whole life and are within your “happy weight,” you will gain eight pounds after menopause if you eat the same way after menopause simply because you’re no longer menstruating?Yes, for reals. Watch the webinar to find out why that happens. 

Plus, when someone asks me to “get to the point,” they’re assuming there’s ONE SINGLE THING they have to do to firm up. As if I’m just sitting on the solution so I can go on Shark Tank, collaborate with Mark Cuban and set the world on fire. 

Such is not the case.

–> And, by the way, if you do not have enough patience to sit through an hour long informative webinar, you’re probably not going to have the patience to stick with a program long enough to see results. Just sayin’.

Truth is, the exact “how to firm up plan” depends on many things:

  1. Your goals — and the distance from where you are to where you want to be
  2. Your current fitness level 
  3. Your diet 
  4. Consistency, patience, and ability to find joy in the process

For example, it’s a whole different scenario if you want to lose 50 lbs and firm up versus someone within a healthy weight range who simply wants to firm up and is not concerned with weight loss. 

Overall, every healthy woman over 50 benefits from a form of cardio, resistance training and following a clean diet. It’s all about variations and the ratio of each of these factors that make it difficult impossible to prescribe in a one-size-fits-all prescription — especially not within an hour long presentation.

So if you’re overweight and want to firm up, what you eat takes top priority. You won’t see muscle definition until you lose weight and, therefore, lose the fat covering the muscle. But you also want a regular program of cardio and resistance training for their benefits as well.

Contrary to that, if you’re already at a healthy weight (ya, you!), then resistance training will be the quickest way to tone up since it will be easier to see results if you’re lean. And cardio workouts will keep your heart healthy and you still will want to check the nutritional soundness of your diet.

And so on.

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all firm-up solution. You must try different things to find what works best for you and adjust your approach as time goes on and your needs and goals change. 

Not changing over time is like wearing leg warmers to an aerobics class – or telling yourself you’ll look like a bodybuilder if you lift weights. Laughable, right?

To sum up: 

1.Try various workouts until you find one that fits your schedule, fitness abilities, and goals 

2. Adjust your diet to meet your goals as necessary

3. Include cardio, resistance training and flexibility

4. Enjoy the process. If you focus only on the end result, you’ll never stay with it and every little setback will seem huge. Each step and change you make must be one you can do for life. Otherwise the results will not stick. 

5. Celebrate every win. Lost a pound? Awesome! Go to the refrigerator and pick up a pound of butter to see how that’s no small feat.

6. See ‘failure’ as part of the process. Expect to fall off the wagon on occasion, whether it’s missing a workout because you felt lazy or splurging on a couple slices of pizza. It’s a part of success, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish. Just remember to get back on track ASAP.

7. I’ve talked about the minimalist workout in a previous post — see #3 link below. Start there and adjust as needed.

8. Join a supportive group of like-minded women like my Ageless Army, where you can swap tips and advice with others facing the same challenges. I also post weekly tips on my Facebook page HERE.

9. Be the person you want to be, not the person you see in the mirror today. BE your end goal. Whenever you feel stuck or have to make a decision, as yourself, “What would that version of me do right now?” Then do that.

What’s YOUR favorite workout or combination of workouts? Let me know in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you — and please forward this to friends who also benefit.

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Your Ageless Body Coach, 

About the Author Linda Melone

Linda Melone is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, certified trainer and award-winning health and fitness writer. She specializes in helping women over 50 get in shape and lose weight.

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Ava Owens says

I can eat right until the cows come home, but my physical exercise is very limited.. I have severe spinal stenosis. The message from my brain to left my legs never really completes.. Its like trying to lift them through cement… I am discouraged for the most part the pain is unreal. But I walk a little ways and suffer the pain I refuse to give up…

    Linda Melone says

    Ava, good for you for doing the best you can! It’s all any of us can do. Hopefully, over time you’ll have less pain. My mom has the same issue, unfortunately.

Holly says

Looking forward to getting more info on weight loss after 50!

    Linda Melone says

    Thanks, Holly! Have you tried any of the challenges I offer? They’re all on the homepage. It’s a good way to get started :).

Elizabeth says

I kept your other workout plan. The 12 weeks challenge. Now my daughter is using it. She is on her second week, and she has dropped 8 lbs already . She is also following a clean eating plan. Thank you

    Linda Melone says

    Wow, that’s great, Elizabeth! Thanks for letting me know.

Kelly Ryan says

I love your explanation s and tips!Since you asked, My favorite exercise is Jazzercise! Its so much fun but challenging too and has different formats which is exciting.

    Linda Melone says

    Sounds fun, Kelly! It’s great when you find something you and enjoy AND that gets you in shape. 🙂

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