I'm Linda,   

former pastry chef turned fitness pro

(Please don't judge me! I was young and needed the money.)

I just brewed some tea. Pull up a chair and stay a minute. Let's chat!

First, kudos for being you. Reaching the age of 50 is not for the faint of heart.

I’m 61, so I know of what I speak.

I often reminisce about the good old days, when my knees didn’t make walking down stairs top my list of “10 Most Painful Things Ever.” Went through menopause (geez, I hate that word… ) at 49 and lived to tell the tale.

And yes, I once worked for The Dark Side as a pastry chef (!) and bakery owner. Some call this ironic. Others say I created my own clientele.

I'll never tell. 

So what makes me legit?

I’m a fitness pro, a four-time certified trainer with over 20 years of experience. I’ve also spent the same amount of time writing fitness and health articles for hundreds of print and online publications (see my AS SEEN IN page for details). In the process, I’ve talked to the top leaders in the field of weight loss, fitness and health.

I even won a couple of awards.

I’ve also battled a long-term eating disorder and gone through several other “life lessons” I talk about in my blogs. Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty.

Through it all, I’ve learned this important fact: An Ageless Body isn’t about being skinny, being about to leap tall buildings in a single bound or outrun your grand-kids.

It’s about living and loving life and being your healthiest, fittest and happiest YOU.

what happens

what you can expect to find here

  • Ways to overcome the most common challenges of firming up after 50 -- and beyond menopause
  • The best cardio and strength exercises to help you achieve your goals—and the most common mistakes women often make
  • The newest research on menopause, health and fitness and what it means for you
  • A light-hearted, humorous approach because life’s too damn short not to LOL
  • Real-life ways to eat for weight loss and/or maintain a healthy weight

No BS, fads or pie-in-the-sky solutions designed for 20-something year olds. Just the facts and plenty of them, presented in an easy-to-absorb format.

If you need help on ways to drop weight, firm up or simply have an easier time getting through your day, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a concern or suggestion for a blog post you’d like to see, please reach out to me at Linda@LindaMelone.com and I will do my best to dig up an answer for you.

Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to helping you be your best!

Your Ageless Body Over 50 Coach,


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