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Your age is NOT the reason you’re out of shape! But here’s the thing: The same approaches that worked in your 20s and 30s no longer work in your 50s.

But I get it. I am 59, post-menopausal, and know firsthand about the struggles you face. 

As a member of the Ageless Army you will have access to a heap of great info specifically geared to an over-50 body to help you lose weight, firm up and stay motivated as you create your best ageless body today and beyond!

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All of my resources and materials and support in this are SPECIFICALLY designed for women over 50. Enlisting with the AGELESS ARMY grants you exclusive access to an arsenal of tips, tricks, interviews, support and info to help you win the war against belly fat, flab and postmenopausal angst.

You also get: monthly challenges, weekly live Q&As, video interviews with experts and tips from other women over 50 in a Member of the Month feature!

The only thing holding you back is you!


Videos + How to’s

From abs to triceps and everything in between, you’ll find videos to shape you up from top to bottom – with special attention to over-50 trouble spots.

Recipes + Meal plans

Simple, quick, recipes and basic meal plans help you lose weight without spending tons of time in the kitchen so you can get on with your busy life.

Interviews with experts + more!

Face-to-face interviews with the smartest experts in the industry help you stay up on the latest science behind all things related to the health and wellbeing of women over 50 – neurologists, psychologists, happiness experts and more!


” I have been on a rather long journey with fitness and weight loss. Recently, I took a bold step and decided to work on my own rather than with a trainer. I was a bit lost on how to set-up a workout schedule as others have always done that for me. I signed up for Linda’s program and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Linda’s program is easy to understand, concise and yields results. I give a thumbs up for Linda and certainly recommend it to anyone! “

Teri Moore – Age 62

” When I turned 50 I tried to lose weight using plans that worked from my previous weight loss journey. For two years I struggled, I walked, I starved, and I cried. No matter how hard I tried, the weight wouldn’t budge or would even climb higher.

After I signed up for Linda’s Ageless Body Plan things began to change… most importantly, I had support and guidance every step of my journey. After a little more than a month on the program I’ve lost 15 lbs [note: now 30] and am loving life more than ever before! “

Tammy Gill – Age 53

“I truly appreciate the fact that Linda understands that this over 50 body does not move like it use to! The workouts and my accountability to her have helped me lose 15 pounds so far, plus develop a workout routine that I know I will keep up with.”

Deb Buxton – Age 53

I have been a member of Linda Melone’s Ageless Army for several months now.  It is extremely well structured, you get easy to follow meal plans and well explained workout challenges. What Linda’s program has that other program’s don’t have is LINDA!  She is so kind and caring. Her blogs are hilarious, but also contain an important message. I would highly encourage you to join our fearless Ageless Army!

Karen Morrison – Age 66



→ Is this women over 50 only?

No, but the content is geared to address the needs of women in this age group. I discuss things like menopause and belly fat, subjects that may occur earlier in life but are typically more common after 50.


→ Do we get to work with you directly?

It depends on the program you choose. In the Ageless Army I am available in the Facebook group to answer questions. Plus, I go live in the group at least once a week, where I also answer any questions or concerns within the group. For more personal attention I do private coaching. This plan is brand new, so email me for more details.


→ Do I need special equipment?

No, but I recommend purchasing some basic equipment such as a set of resistance tubing or dumbbells. You can do mostly body weight exercises, but often they’re harder than using outside resistance (think pushups :)).


→ What If I have ailments/pains?

First, always check with your doctor if you’re new to exercise. I offer modifications for exercises in my instructional videos anywhere I can and, as someone with arthritis myself, I provide tips on how to keep going if you have simple aches and pains. Keep in mind, however, that the Ageless Army is not just about exercise but motivation and eating healthy as well, so there’s always some part of the program in which you can participate.


→ Do you offer refunds/ Can I cancel anytime?

As a digital product, I cannot offer refunds on material you’ve received. However you may cancel at any time, yes.


→ What if I need technical help/change my card details when in the program?

Simply send an email to if you run into any problems.

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