Linda Melone
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What It REALLY Takes to Burn 1,000 Calories (hint: it’s not easy)

Here’s the thing about fitness news stories: every day there’s a new diet that enables you to eat piles of butter without gaining weight, high-tech clothing that monitors your body temperature and

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5 Crazy-Sounding Bits of Fitness Advice… that actually work

When it comes to fitness, there’s no shortage of inaccurate, often dangerous and overall bad clickbaity information out there.  Anyone who looks the part can call themselves a “fitness expert,”

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How to flip your fitness mindset to ON

From the truth about Area 51 to the Jersey Devil, and why leaving the pit in an avocado keeps it from turning brown… we yearn to know the real deal, not theories and mystical explanations.  Because

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A super effective core exercise no one does (hardly ever) 

Two words are guaranteed to get more attention than almost anything else I write about: walking and abs. Every time I check my website analytics, send out a survey, or otherwise take the pulse of my readers,

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How to Boost Your Walking Workout

Our gym reopened this past week after being closed for over three months. As I waited outside at 5 a.m., six feet apart from the other sleepy people, I nearly wept with joy behind my pink camouflage face

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How to avoid the most common return-to-your old workout mistakes

Our gym reopens next Monday, June 22. Like everything else, it’s been closed since March 16 from COVID-19. This is the longest time I’ve been away from the gym in over 40 years. So basically since

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What to do When Hot Flashes Keep You from Working Out

“I have to warn you,” Susan said. “I’m having horrible hot flashes and may need to stop in the middle of our workout for a few minutes.” The year was circa mid-1990s. I was a new in-home trainer

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A super simple, fat-burning cardio routine you can do at home (without equipment)

On March 16, when our gym officially closed its doors due to COVID-19, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a set of weights (until now I had only a few dumbbells).  I received an email saying the order would

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5 Things to keep in mind before you start exercising again

It’s bound to happen.  You’re away on a trip without access to workout facilities… or You tweak your back/knee/shoulder and can’t work out for weeks… or A worldwide pandemic keeps you stuck

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