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How to stay fit when you can’t leave the house

Three weeks ago we were living in a different world. I met a friend for lunch, stopped at a grocery store and generally lived my life. Now I refer to that as “back in the day.” No more casual meetups

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5 Ways to stay fit during a perfect storm of everything working against you

I try to avoid blogging about current events ever since a reader told me she was unsubscribing because “Why do I care what YOU think about the Olympics??” (which was in the news at the time). I made

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3 biggest workout cheats to stop doing right now

“You’re a personal trainer, right?” I was working out at the gym when a guy I’ve spoken to once or twice walked up to me with this question.  He waited for me to remove an airpod. Very few

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5 Easy mindfulness tips you can do anywhere (so you can lose belly fat)

Ask a woman over 50 for a list of the “best things” about aging and she’ll likely react in one of three ways: Glare at you until you turn and run She’ll say, “It kinda feels like that

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3 fat-burning walking workouts for women over 50

It seems nearly every day we hear about some new fitness myth. Some have been around for eons and won’t go away no matter how many studies, research and logic to the contrary. Take weight training for

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4 Ways to conquer self-discipline so you can accomplish anything

I am writing this post two days ahead of time, which has happened only once or twice before in the history of the planet. It’s like a blood moon, only rarer. And no, it’s not because I have insider

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3 pooch-blasting, lower ab exercises

I watched a documentary about frozen people the other night. Not those living in Siberia or Antarctica, but real deal frozen-like-a-Snow-Cone people who voluntarily opt to freeze their bodies after death

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3 Building blocks to a solid fitness regimen

I have an ongoing battle with another woman at my gym. Only she doesn’t know she’s playing.  Here’s the situation in a nutshell: Our gym has one, solitary Smith machine. If you’re not familiar

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3 Simple steps to crush any craving

I’ve seen a lot of things in my 20+ years as a trainer. This includes things I wish I could unsee, like a male client’s abdominal surgery scar for which he was way too proud to show me.  And I’ve

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