Linda Melone
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How to stay on track when it seems totally impossible

A few extra hundred calories here and there can make the difference between shopping in the women’s department or in the seasonal camping section come January.

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How to think like an Olympic athlete… and crush your goals

It seems anyone can become rich and famous these days.  Just be an influencer.  The formula seems simple enough: Be highly controversial and for no apparent reason Be willing to stand behind your outrageously

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How to tone up arms so you can rock that sleeveless sequined dress

Here in California (unlike sane states like Arizona), we turned back the clocks an hour last weekend. So once again we all suffer from the bi-annual “It’s only 8:00 but feels like 9:00 because we

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Fat-Burning Snacks to Eat Before and After Your Workout

Pop quiz! Which one of the following would you guess I have NOT seen at the gym over the years: A brawl worthy of a cage match on ESPN A woman falling off the treadmill and breaking her wrist, and continuing

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How to avoid making another weight-loss New Year’s resolution

October 31 is the scariest day of the year, and it has nothing to do with Halloween. Sure, you’re 10x more likely to be attacked by a zombie, scared by a ghost or bitten by a werewolf.    But

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3 Bad Habits that Age You Faster Than Your Years

I love to people watch. Whether it’s a Starbucks, an airport lounge or a waiting room at the doctor’s office, I make up entire stories in my head about total strangers, imagining what their lives are

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5 Tips to Get More Out of Your Ab Workout

Ab Obsession strikes without warning.  One day you’re going about your morning, happily getting dressed when you reach for your tried-and-true, favorite pair of pants and… YIKES! The zipper breaks. A

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How non-negotiables sabotage weight loss

Meat Loaf (if you’re over 50 you’re old enough to remember…) may have defined non-negotiables best with his lyrics to “I Would Do Anything For Love,” to which he adds, “…but I

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How to flip your mindset switch to RESULTS: ON

From the truth about space aliens and Bigfoot, to why leaving the pit in an avocado keeps it from turning brown… we all crave the inside scoop. Someone somewhere knows the truth and we need that

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