Linda Melone
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How To De-Stress in 20 Seconds

Do you ever get knots in your muscles? They feel as if someone’s poking you with a finger and won’t stop. As I sit writing these words I have one in my upper back between my shoulder blade and my spine.

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7 Tips to Find the Best Workout For You

New workout trends seem to crop up nearly every day and they only seem to get weirder with time. When I started working out 35 years ago (a.k.a. the Jurassic Era) Nautilus was The Next Big Thing. You started

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12 Ways to Burn Off Turkey Day

  Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll get right to the point today, since I’m sure you have better things to do than surf the ‘net on a holiday (or not). But first, I want to give thanks to YOU for being

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The Cure For Post-Turkey Day Regrets

I planned to write a motivating Thanksgiving post about ways to burn off that giant portion of sausage stuffing and slice of pecan pie, but a not-so-funny thing happened this morning that changed my focus. I

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How To Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

  Many moons ago, before I became a trainer, I ironically worked in the food business. Specifically, the dessert business. (That’s my brother, Barry, me, and my mother in my bakery, circa 1980s.) In

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3 Painless Ways to Eat Less

A lot of women ask me about my diet. “So what do you eat, anyway?” as if I’m holding out on some magic potion or special recipe I won’t reveal. I wish. Truth is, I am far from a model of perfection

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3 Easy Ways to Kick Start Weight Loss

Trick or treat! Want to see something really scary? Step on the scale after eating all that leftover Halloween candy. Stephen King could not create more horror. Thus the holiday games begin. It starts

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The Last Ab Workout You'll Ever Need

Let’s be honest: Can you ever have too many ab exercises? It’s like having too many shoes. No such thing exists. In the case of ab workouts, it’s fun to try them all in a quest for that one exercise

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Two Ways To Get Off a Weight-Loss Plateau

Ninety-nine percent of the emails I receive from readers have one resounding theme: “I’m doing everything right and still can’t lose this weight!” If that sounds like you, I wish I could give

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