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Isn’t it time you broke up with your fat?  Let me help you. Purchase my eBook, Break Up With Your Fat After 50: A Step-by-Step Guide to An Ageless Body and make way for your new, ageless body!

As the song says, breaking up is hard to do, especially when that break up involves… your fat. You see, the problem is fat likes to stick around after menopause. It’s lazy. It takes up space, pays no rent and just makes you miserable by spilling out over the tops of your jeans and otherwise undermining your efforts to look, well, gorgeous.

It has to go. That’s why I wrote this book.

As a personal trainer with 15 years experience, I’ve heard and observed many women over 50 complain about weight gain. Some literally cried in front of me. As a trainer in my 30s at the time, I was horrified. What frightening thing happens when you reach 50 that suddenly causes seemingly uncontrollable pounds to creep their way on to your body?

Is this some kind of black magic?

Now that I’m 60 and post menopausal, I can say with confidence: NO. It’s not black magic. It’s a combination of less activity and more food. And, yes, hormones play a role, too, but YOU CAN CONTROL MOST OF IT.

I lost 15 pounds after I reached menopause. It was slow but not hard to do. I didn’t starve myself or workout for an insane amount of time, do CrossFit, Insanity or any of the other high-intensity workouts. Plus, I have osteoporosis and high blood pressure. I’m not exactly a perfect specimen, but I do what I can and I do it regularly.

In my book, Break Up With Your Fat After 50: A Step-by-Step Guide to An Ageless Body, I share these tips with you and tell you how you, too, can lose weight after 50.

From ways to overcome the most common challenges (often overlooked), to how to create a meal plan you can stick with to fat-burning cardio programs and body-shaping training tips and more, I lay it out for you with action steps in every chapter.

Overview Of What's Included In My Book:

  • It's not you... it's me
  • "I turned 50 and OMG what happened!
  • Tackle any obstacles and plan your approach
  • Keys to Real weight loss
  • Fat-burning Cardio: Fact vs Fiction
  • Body-shaping workouts
  • Secrets to lifelong motivation
  • Get Going!