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4 Ways to conquer self-discipline so you can accomplish anything

I am writing this post two days ahead of time, which has happened only once or twice before in the history of the planet. It’s like a blood moon, only rarer. And no, it’s not because I have insider

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3 pooch-blasting, lower ab exercises

I watched a documentary about frozen people the other night. Not those living in Siberia or Antarctica, but real deal frozen-like-a-Snow-Cone people who voluntarily opt to freeze their bodies after death

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3 Building blocks to a solid fitness regimen

I have an ongoing battle with another woman at my gym. Only she doesn’t know she’s playing.  Here’s the situation in a nutshell: Our gym has one, solitary Smith machine. If you’re not familiar

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3 Ab exercises that work better than crunches

Pop Quiz! Which of the following is the MOST dreaded exercise of all time: Burpees Push-ups Crunches Anything involving getting out of bed  All of the above Trick question – they’re ALL

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 5 Fitness tips that sound like the worst advice… but seriously work

When it comes to fitness advice, there’s no shortage of bad information out there.  Anyone can post photos of their bod on Instagram and call themselves a “fitness expert.”  Unless you’ve been

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3 Unavoidable aging changes even Madonna can’t escape (and how to stop them from causing weight gain)

Next week I celebrate another trip around the sun. At 61, Madonna and I will be the same age.  That’s where our parallel lives begin and end. Almost. Because here’s the thing with fame:

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How to tone up arms so you can rock that sleeveless sequined dress

Here in California (unlike sane states like Arizona), we turned back the clocks an hour last weekend. So once again we all suffer from the bi-annual “It’s only 8:00 but feels like 9:00 because we

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3 Bad Habits that Age You Faster Than Your Years

I love to people watch. Whether it’s a Starbucks, an airport lounge or a waiting room at the doctor’s office, I make up entire stories in my head about total strangers, imagining what their lives are

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5 Tips to Get More Out of Your Ab Workout

Ab Obsession strikes without warning.  One day you’re going about your morning, happily getting dressed when you reach for your tried-and-true, favorite pair of pants and… YIKES! The zipper breaks. A

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