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How non-negotiables sabotage weight loss

Meat Loaf (if you’re over 50 you’re old enough to remember…) may have defined non-negotiables best with his lyrics to “I Would Do Anything For Love,” to which he adds, “…but I

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3 Creepy Weight Gain Offenders

Creep happens.  In this case, I’m not referring to the greasy guy at the gym who flirts with all the women until he gets banned from the entire fitness chain.  That’s a different kind of creep —

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How to burn 1,000 calories for real

Here’s the thing about fitness news stories: every day there’s a new diet that enables you to eat piles of butter without gaining weight, high-tech clothing that monitors your body temperature and

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#1 Legit way to get results faster

I walked into my client’s workout room after training her for two weeks (note: a total of two, one-hour sessions). She looked upset. Let me backtrack for a minute… As an in-home personal

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3 Reasons why you gain weight after 50 no one talks about

Our TV has started popping on by itself at random times of the day when no one’s near it. Let me clarify that we do not live in an old Victorian manor restored from the 1800s, our house was not

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How to get started exercising even if you’re 100

A gym friend once told me he’d been depressed since his 60th birthday because, “That’s the age when you’re officially old.” Thanks for that, I thought to myself as I was also rounding the same corner

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10 Ways to burn 350 more calories every day — without exercise (and lose 30 lbs!)

When I was a kid we didn’t have computers, the internet or Facebook. If you’re younger than 50 you may wonder if I was: raised by wolves living underground joking, because we’ve always had these

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