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Whittle your waist with this protein-workout combo

If you’re tired of wading through reams of information and websites trying to find the “perfect” workout and diet plan, your search ends here. Honestly, you can’t beat this one for simplicity.

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Do this one thing to keep weight under control

How much time do you spend sitting every day? By now you’ve probably heard the studies linking sitting to a whole slew of health problems, including heart disease and other nasty stuff. And that’s

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6 Best Foods for Women Over 50

Pop quiz: name five things in your refrigerator right now. Sorry, time’s up. If you listed diet soda, cheddar cheese, bacon, leftover pizza and last night’s Chinese food, it’s time for a dietary

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12 Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is the one day a year no one gives you a hard time for eating what you want. One day won’t single-handedly add girth to your midsection unless you carry it over until New

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5 Easy Tips to Eat Like a Trainer

Fitness is one of those rare occupations where your body becomes a marketing tool. Sure, trainers come in different shapes and sizes, but an overweight trainer who eats donuts for breakfast and can’t

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Pre and Post Workout Meals: What's Best?

  Consider this: more than half the results you get from your exercise program depend on what you eat. That’s right, hundreds of crunches and hours of plodding along on a treadmill like a deranged

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5 Sneaky Weight Gain Culprits

It may seem like it, but weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Little habits you pick up over time add up to those excess pounds, and often you’re not even aware of them. It’s easy to cut out dessert

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