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 5 Fitness tips that sound like the worst advice… but seriously work

When it comes to fitness advice, there’s no shortage of bad information out there.  Anyone can post photos of their bod on Instagram and call themselves a “fitness expert.”  Unless you’ve been

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How to stick with your workouts… even if you’ve failed miserably in the past [video]

Yup, it’s that time of year again when we take a look back at what worked, what didn’t — and resolve to stop the insanity. As part of this goal, I posted a live video on Facebook this

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My most popular blog posts of 2019

Even if you’re not a writer, you’re probably familiar with the term “writer’s block.”  It refers to the angst of staring at a blank page or computer screen and becoming hypnotized by the cursor

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How to do everything wrong and still see results

I confess I don’t always follow the rules. Don’t get me wrong, I walk my talk. But I sometimes fall victim to laziness, procrastination, and allow my obnoxious inner child to run rampant through

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Make this ONE mindset change to be younger, healthier and smarter in 2020 than you were in 2019

The saying, “50 is the new 40” may be more accurate than you think. Making this ONE mindset shift creates a boatload of health benefits.

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How to stay on track when it seems totally impossible

A few extra hundred calories here and there can make the difference between shopping in the women’s department or in the seasonal camping section come January.

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How to think like an Olympic athlete… and crush your goals

It seems anyone can become rich and famous these days.  Just be an influencer.  The formula seems simple enough: Be highly controversial and for no apparent reason Be willing to stand behind your outrageously

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How to flip your mindset switch to RESULTS: ON

From the truth about space aliens and Bigfoot, to why leaving the pit in an avocado keeps it from turning brown… we all crave the inside scoop. Someone somewhere knows the truth and we need that

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How to feel better about yourself (and why it’s more important than you think) VIDEO

How often do we ask someone, “So, how are ya?” — and get the truth? The response is usually an autoresponder, “Fine! How are YOU?” when the reality is far from “fine.” After

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