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How to flip your mindset switch to RESULTS: ON

From the truth about space aliens and Bigfoot, to why leaving the pit in an avocado keeps it from turning brown… we all crave the inside scoop. Someone somewhere knows the truth and we need that

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How to feel better about yourself (and why it’s more important than you think) VIDEO

How often do we ask someone, “So, how are ya?” — and get the truth? The response is usually an autoresponder, “Fine! How are YOU?” when the reality is far from “fine.” After

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How to keep going when you’re out of the game

Here’s the thing about making it to the half-century mark: Some body parts don’t work quite as well as they did in the past.   If you’re wondering if that statement drips with sarcasm,

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How to burn 1,000 calories for real

Here’s the thing about fitness news stories: every day there’s a new diet that enables you to eat piles of butter without gaining weight, high-tech clothing that monitors your body temperature and

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How to get started exercising even if you’re 100

A gym friend once told me he’d been depressed since his 60th birthday because, “That’s the age when you’re officially old.” Thanks for that, I thought to myself as I was also rounding the same corner

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3 Best no-crunch ab exercises

Pop Quiz! Which of the following is the MOST dreaded exercise of all time: Burpees Push-ups Crunches Anything involving getting out of bed and exerting energy All of the above Trick question –

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My most popular posts of 2018

It’s that time of year again when we ask ourselves three burning questions: Wasn’t it just Labor Day? Isn’t it time we moved to a warmer climate? What were the’s most popular

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