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How a client lost 5 lbs in a week by changing this ONE thing

I had a tooth extracted last week.  I managed to crack it somehow, likely from an unruly piece of popcorn or a nut. But for whatever reason it was raising a painful ruckus in my mouth and needed to come

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Intermittent fasting: Does it work for weight loss?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a serious sci-fi movie fan. If it includes monsters, dinosaurs or space aliens, fire up the popcorn maker. I’m in. My last week’s lineup included the following

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17 fat-burning snacks to eat before and after your workout

Pop quiz! Which one of the following would you guess I have NOT seen at the gym over the years: A brawl worthy of a cage match on ESPN A woman falling off the treadmill and breaking her wrist, and continuing

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Foods that impact menopause (both good and bad)

I ate a Caesar salad (dressing on the side) last week. Normally this act would not raise an eyebrow and may even elicit a sarcastic, “Oh, good for you. I ate an entire pizza.” But since the

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