April 1

How to avoid gaining the Quarantine-15


I ordered toilet paper from a woman in North Carolina. And it felt like Christmas morning when it finally arrived.

That sums up the highlight of my shelter-in-place activities. 

Can you relate?

I’ve also been trying to get creative with my workouts. But here’s the thing: Everything — dumbbells, tubing — feels heavier when you’re doing it alone.

Weights I’d use for warming up now feel like my regular resistance.

This made me ask myself: Why is the gravitational force in my home twice that of the gym??

Doesn’t make sense. 

It shows the value of being motivated by your environment.

Here’s a pic of my workout new partner –>>

                      Watcha doin’?

So you know what I’m up against: Giving in to the cuteness vs. lifting heavy things.

I stick with my routine, but it’s not easy.

I do it because the Quarantine 15 is real, my friend. 

Noshing mindlessly on snacks, drinking calorie-laden beverages and forgoing exercise until this apocalypse passes can be deadly to your waistline – to the tune of 15 lbs or more in many cases.

There’s even a CALCULATOR to determine your weight gain over time if you continue with this trend.

Aside from all the people cutting their own hair over the next month, this type of self-abuse will take months to recoup once we’re all back on track.

So, in the last couple of blogs (links below) I provided tips on staying in shape at home.

Plus, here are a few additional tactics to keep you from caving in to your cravings every time you watch the news:

  1. Keep healthy foods out in the open and/or easily cut up for snacking; hide anything you’re saving for when zombies attack (anything not fresh and clean)
  2. Ditto for workout tubing and other reminders to move. For example, I keep my foam roller near the couch to remind me to stretch while watching TV. Small bouts of exercise add up.
  3. When you do a home workout, dress the part. Changing into workout clothes tells your brain what’s up. Even lacing up your walking shoes to traipse around the house helps flip that switch.
  4. Structure and schedule time in your day for activity. You’ve heard this before but it’s more important now than ever. Carve out 15 minutes to walk around your house, do a set of dumbbell exercises or a combo.
  5. Practice isometric exercises while standing or even sitting: tighten your abdominals for a few seconds; hold, release and repeat 10x. Extend your legs out in front of you while sitting; squeeze your quadriceps (muscle in front of your thighs), hold, release and repeat 10x.

Staying active as much as you can and reining in calories at a time when you want to give in to every craving will pay off once this blows over.


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How are YOU coping with the quarantine and stay-in-place orders? Leave a comment below and let me know!

You got this,


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