June 17

How to avoid the most common return-to-your old workout mistakes


Our gym reopens next Monday, June 22. Like everything else, it’s been closed since March 16 from COVID-19.

This is the longest time I’ve been away from the gym in over 40 years.

So basically since the world was still cooling off from all those volcanoes. 

I don’t remember ever missing more than a day or two, definitely not more than a week.

Yes, I’ve been working out at home just like y’all. But since I work at home, going to the gym is often the ONLY time I leave the house.

And staring out the window as I’m doing biceps curls pretending the people walking outside are on treadmills… is not the same. 

And while I’ve kept up with most of my exercises in one form or another, it’s a tiny portion of what I did at the gym.

With all this said, you’d think I’d be chomping at the bit to get back in the ring so to speak.

But I’m more than a little nervous. It won’t be the same, for sure.

Can you relate?

Regardless of whether you’re starting back up, changing your routine, or simply gearing up to get in shape for the summer, having the right mindset makes all the difference between results and… not.

Or, worse yet, getting hurt and backsliding your fitness even further.

Let’s take a look at why so many people fail to see results and what you can do to avoid becoming a statistic.

1. FITNESS FAIL: You aim too high

Going from zero to 100 mph in the form of “not working out at all” to “working out every day” is not going to end well for a couple reasons.

First off, if you weren’t at this level of commitment before, you’re unlikely to keep this going for long now. Plus, if you’re doing the same routine over and over each day, one of a couple of things is bound to happen: you get bored or suffer an injury. 

Both are motivation killers.

Or, if you start working out every day with the intention of dropping a bunch of dress sizes within a short period of time or attaining a weight you haven’t seen since junior high, you may want to rethink your approach.


Start from where you are and set small goals. Instead of striving for exercising every day, give yourself a day’s rest in between. Or, better yet, do something active but different on those days.

2. FITNESS FAIL: You do a little and expect a lot

Performing a couple sets of ab crunches and expecting to see changes is like eating a salad and wondering why you’ve not yet lost weight. 

Technology allows us to download books in seconds, receive groceries within hours and view movies on demand. 

Our bodies did not get the same memo. 

Regardless of the speed of technology, not a whole lot has changed within the human species. Metabolism, digestion muscle building, and other bodily processes did not upgrade with the same speed, unfortunately. 

People who see results stick with a routine or workout for weeks or even months before expecting to see visible changes in their bodies. Of course, you’ll experience other benefits such as sleeping more soundly and feeling more energetic fairly quickly. 

As for that definition you want to see in your triceps? You’ll need to hang in there a bit for that. 

But when that day rolls around you’ll be ordering a case of tank tops to celebrate.

Trust that change is happening beneath the surface and will soon make itself known.


Patience and consistency win the race! Do the right things and focus on the process, not the outcome. Results WILL happen as long as you stay on track… which brings me to my final point.

3. FITNESS FAIL: You’re not doing it right

This refers to several issues and usually refers to one of the following:

– You’re using poor exercise form from either copying someone else at the gym or trying to “wing it” on your own

– You only do the things you want to do, so your program isn’t well rounded

– You do a little of this and a bit of that, cross your fingers and hope for the best

– You put in zero effort but still expect results

FITNESS FIX: Do your due diligence. Be sure the advice you follow is from a qualified professional, not simply someone who looks the part. 

It’s one reason why I talk about my background — four national certifications and 20+ years of real-life experience and a nutrition degree — because many people who give advice don’t have the qualifications.

It’s better to do 10 reps in perfect form than 20 sloppy ones that result in an injury.

NOTE: I offer a ton of tips and advice on my blogs (like this one!) as well as more customized, paid programs. Check out THIS PAGE for more info on one of my most popular plans, Burn It Off and Firm Up.

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Are you returning to the gym soon? If so, how do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time…


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