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My most popular blog posts of 2019

Even if you’re not a writer, you’re probably familiar with the term “writer’s block.” 

It refers to the angst of staring at a blank page or computer screen and becoming hypnotized by the cursor before you’re able to type a single character.

Before you know it you’re woken up by a Starbucks employee checking your pulse to see if you’re still alive.


Once they stop screaming you gather your laptop fast enough to leave before the police arrive.

I’m fortunate enough to never have this problem. Not waking up in a Starbucks or the writer’s block. 

In fact, I have too many ideas. 

Once one takes hold in my brain, it hangs on like a cat’s claw on a wool sweater. 

My brain won’t perform any type of normal functioning until I get those words on paper. Or in a post like this. 

My point is this: I never run out of topics to write about because I eavesdrop pay attention and listen to what women my age are talking about.

Each of these following posts is the result of either a question I received this year, a conversation with a coaching client or conversations I’ve overheard while standing in line at the grocery store. 

One was my blog from just last week. Apparently, stressing for years over getting rid of “those last 5 lbs” struck a chord with a lot of women. 

Regardless of your belief system, I can tell you with 99.99% (leaving room in case there’s a Religious Order of The Last Five Pounds I don’t know about) confidence you will not be judged for those few pounds when you leave this planet.

Without further ado, according to comments posted on these blogs and those sent to me via email, these top five 2019 posts resonated with the greatest number of people.

Let me know if you agree or if you have a different one you enjoyed.

  1. Make this ONE mindset change to be younger, healthier and smarter in 2020 than you were in 2019

  2. 3 Fitness sabotaging habits that age you (and you don’t know you’re doing them)

  3. How to get started exercising even if you’re 100

  4. How to stop nighttime eating

  5. How to create habits that stick

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P.S. Thank you for being a reader and fan of Ageless After 50! I appreciate you more than you know. xo

About the Author Linda Melone

Linda Melone is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, certified trainer and award-winning health and fitness writer. She specializes in helping women over 50 get in shape and lose weight.

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Shari Hill says

Thank you for all your blogs. I love your humour and forthrightness.

    Linda Melone says

    thanks so much, Shari! 🙂

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