It’s that time of year again when we ask ourselves three burning questions:

  1. Wasn’t it just Labor Day?
  2. Isn’t it time we moved to a warmer climate?
  3. What were the’s most popular posts this year?

I can’t help you with the first two, but I’m here to respond to the third. [Insert sigh of relief here.]

First, let me say, I appreciate YOU.

Whether you’ve read one post or all of them, the fact that you’ve read any of these words and allowed them to enter your brain is not something I take lightly.

Grey matter is expensive real estate.

Letting in this info between the names of your grandchildren and the best ways to tie a scarf means the world to me. 

In return, I do my best to listen to readers who’ve emailed me or spoken to me throughout the year, and I work on delivering content in line with those requests. 

The following posts rated “most popular” according to the number of social shares (mainly Facebook, but also Twitter and Pinterest).

[SIDE NOTE: So if you enjoy a particular post, please share it! It lets me know what’s on your radar.]

No surprise, the leading topics include… drum roll please:

  • Walking
  • Belly fat
  • Ways to stay motivated

Without further ado, grab a cup of green tea or coffee and check out the Top Five Most popular posts of 2018:

 3 Ways to crush cravings – without willpower

7 Ways to power up your walking workouts

5 ways to increase willpower

3 Knee-friendly, leg toning exercises

3 Exercises that make you look 5 lbs thinner instantly

Do you have a favorite post or one you found particularly helpful this past year other than these? If so, please let me know by mentioning it below! And, as always, please send this out to your friends and share it on social networks. 

You rock!

Your Ageless Body Coach,



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