December 9


My Top 10 Favorite Home Workout Accessories

By Linda Melone

When our gym first closed March 18, I didn’t have much in the way of dumbbells for home so I ordered a set of PowerBlocks.

Even with Amazon Prime, they wouldn’t arrive until April 2. 

It seemed like a waste.

Because surely by April 2 we’d all be “back to normal” and the gym would be open and this whole pandemic thing would be a distant memory.

Oh, how young and naive I was back then. 

In reality, we (here in Southern California) are in our THIRD lockdown as of today (December). 

The gym reopened in June (YA!), then closed after three weeks. 

It reopened again a couple months later (YA!) and closed yet again.


Here we are.

Staring 2021 in the face.

Masked up, sanitized to the gills, dashing out of the house for supplies like a scene in a zombie movie, eyes darting about, on the lookout for anyone daring to stand closer than six feet, Lysol spray at the ready.

I did find a silver lining amidst all the insanity, which I talked about in a PREVIOUS POST: I discovered it doesn’t take much to keep up my fitness level.

Three months of home workouts enabled me to work out at nearly the same intensity when I returned to my gym workout.

That’s saying a lot because I use literally a ton of gym equipment. Working out at home has never been my jam – mainly because I like to lift heavy, the gym is somewhat social for me and it’s often the only time I get to leave the house since I work at home.

So, aside from PowerBlocks (my biggest fitness equipment investment aside from a Lifecycle we’ve had for several years), I dusted off a few other pieces and bought some others.

In this post, I want to share my top picks for fitness equipment I found most effective, easy to use yet challenging to do (e.g. core workout discs) to share with you.

Note: All are listed in my Amazon store, where I receive a small commission. 

Check ‘em out and see if they may be a fit for your winter workout… 

CORE WORKOUT DISCS (FOR USE ON HARDWOOD FLOORS OR CARPET) – great for abs and core — for more advanced exercisers


Price: $9


And don’t forget to grab my TOTAL AB-FIRMING WORKOUT PLAN for a complete belly busting program! Price: $47


FOAM ROLLER – pre workout for a warm-up and post-workout to roll out kinks and stretch


Price: $30



WEIGHTED BAR – from arms to shoulders and even leg raises


Price: varies depending on weight



YOGA MAT and great for stretching and more


Price: $19.49



SMALL SET OF DUMBBELLS – for the smaller muscle groups, like triceps and shoulders


Price: varies



FITNESS BANDS – Loop around your legs just above your knees and walk sideways for a killer glute exercise.

Price: $8.95




TUBING WITH HANDLES – infinite possibilities from arm exercises to legs 


Price: $24



BANDS WITH ANKLE WRAP – the wraps prevent tubing from cutting into your ankles for leg exercises



Price: $18


FLAT BENCH – endless uses – and better than lying on the floor


Price: $61


MY OWN WORKOUTS — a variety of options to keep you fit without getting bored…

My 12-Pack Ageless Body Exercise ($47) will set you up to get in the best shape of your life.

So grab a bar, a band and an exercise routine today and take action!

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You got this!