September 24


My Top 7 Quarantine Fitness Advice Posts

By Linda Melone

Remember how we complained about 2019 being The Worst Year Ever? Yes, we absolutely did.

And before that it was 2018? 

Try this: Do a search for “worst year ever” + [year] and you’ll find “proof” that this year is totally the worst. 

And then we talk about how we can’t wait! for next year. As if the universe will somehow hit a restart button January 1 and all will be great.

If that were the case, I’d have myself cryogenically frozen until January 2 (giving myself an extra day in case we experience a technical glitch Jan 1).

I have the feeling the universe has better things to worry about… maybe like when the next supernova will implode and suck all the other planets into its resulting black hole.

Because there will be no universe anymore in that case.

AND… maybe we need to stop turning this into a contest. 

“Okay, 2020, you win!” Game over. Uncle. Whatever it takes. 


But we can’t escape the fact that this year has made many of us divide our time as “before the pandemic” and “whatever this day is today.”

In the interim, I wrote a number of blog posts addressing the various issues most likely to crop up when you can’t do your usual fitness routine: weight gain, exhaustion, lack of motivation, and not knowing how to work out when you can’t get to a gym.

In response, I curated all my best total body workouts and created a new product I call the 12-PACK AGELESS BODY EXERCISE plan, for women over 50 who want to get in shape at home. 

Variety being the spice of life and all that.

And so today I thought I’d offer a Best of Quarantine Blog Posts thus far, since these remain the current most popular reads… Hoping you can find something that helps you get through whatever ails you today… 


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