March 10


Quick Workout Routine to Restart Your Fitness

By Linda Melone

It’s been a year. Like other awful anniversaries of great disasters, I remember where I was when the world seemed to STOP.

Exactly one year to the day, March 17, 2020.

Toilet paper became more valuable than gold.

We bought over $300 worth of canned goods from CVS because we didn’t know if food would become scarce.

Honestly? I can’t remember ever being so frightened about living in this world.

One thing was for sure: We NEVER EVER expected the lockdown to last longer than a few weeks.

Certainly not an entire year.

But here we are.

Now that things appear to be looking up (I have vaccine envy for those who’ve received theirs), the world seems to be a little brighter place.

Our gym will open for the first time since last October.

But a lot has changed. I’ve grown accustomed to working out at home.

Is it the same? No. But I like it more than I expected. And I’ve kept up my strength and cardio for the most part.

I can’t see myself being at the gym every morning like in the past.

I kinda like this new routine of having coffee with my husband before I start my workout. I’m reluctant to go back to rushing out of the house to grab the equipment I like.

Although I won’t miss working out in the cat litter box room.

Can you relate?

So if you’re starting back up, whether you’re restarting or beginning from scratch, I have some tips you may find helpful…

First, one of THE most important messages I emphasize over and over again is this: Regardless of what you do in the way of nutrition or exercise, you must be CONSISTENT.

This does NOT mean you must do the same workout every day.

To the contrary, in fact.

As someone who’s worked out consistently for over 40 years, I speak from experience. I’ve tried nearly every class and form of exercise.

Variety is key, for sure.

[It’s one reason why my 12-Pack Ageless Body Workout is so popular. You can stay toned and fit with minimal equipment and a dozen workouts to mix and match… only $47]

Aside from resistance workouts, which I cover in many other posts (see below), you also want to keep your cardio fitness up to snuff.

Quick note: Both types of workouts burn calories. 

In general, cardio burns more calories during your workouts, while resistance training adds muscle. The latter boosts your metabolism all day long.

A few factors determine the number of calories you’ll burn in either case:

  1. Workout intensity (strolling vs. walking briskly)
  2. Your bodyweight (you burn more if you weigh more)
  3. Workout length (no surprises here)

So regardless of which type of workout you do, these three factors determine whether you burned off lunch or a breath mint.

Want an easy to remember, no video necessary to watch workout you can do right now? (Or after you put the banana bread in the oven.)

Pop on a headset or turn on the Victrola, fire up a timer and try this simple (not easy!) 13-minute cardio routine – which you can do twice for a longer routine:

Note: Keeping focused on time instead of reps makes it easy to follow. Adjust the time up or down depending on your fitness level.

  1. Warmup5 minutes: Walk in place or around the room, gradually picking up the pace and adding arm circles and air punches
  2. Bodyweight squats: 60 seconds 
  3. Walk in place: 60 seconds, pick up the pace!
  4. Wall or bench push-ups: 30 to 60 seconds (whatever you can do)
  5. Modified jumping jacks (raise arms together overhead and step out to each side instead of jumping back and forth): 60 seconds 
  6. Side shuffle (with or without tubing around thighs – crouch down into a squat and walk out to each side): 60 seconds
  7. Wall or bench push-ups: 30 to 60 seconds (as many as you can do)
  8. Plank (modified on a wall with forearms or a traditional floor version): 30 seconds VIDEO LINK
  9. Bird dog: 30 seconds VIDEO LINK
  10. Stretch and cool down… OR repeat a second time if you can.
  11. If you have access to weights feel free to do biceps curls and other resistance exercises in between these cardio sets.

Either way: GOOD JOB!

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How are you doing with your home workouts? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy sweating,