What my clients say

I’ve helped many women get in shape over the years. Here’s what they have to say…

I have been on a rather long journey with fitness and weight loss. Recently, I took a bold step and decided to work on my own rather than with a trainer. I was a bit lost on how to set-up a workout schedule as others have always done that for me. I signed up for Linda’s program and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Linda’s program is easy to understand, concise and yields results. I give a thumbs up for Linda and certainly recommend it to anyone!

Teri Moore

Age 62

Linda’s plan is just what I needed!! Linda incorporates simple, but very effective, exercises and a program designed for you. She has first-hand knowledge of what women 50 and over need to get and stay in shape. I highly recommend her!

Sharon Marcela

Age 54

I really like the flexibility of the [meal] plans. There are substitute choices for anything I don’t like or for foods I don’t typically eat. I also like that the plan gives the list of foods for a meal but I decide how I prepare them. It doesn’t feel rigid in any way and the possibilities are endless. My first week on the plan I lost 3 pounds and was very happy about that. I was never hungry and never felt deprived. I’ve maintained that loss and know when I add regular exercise I will see more weight loss.

Kristi Tomlin

Age 51

I really like the motivational emails; they are fun and thoughtful, funny at times and I’ve learned from them. Linda helped me realize I need to stick with a plan and not keep jumping around from plan to plan. Her workout plans provide a lot of information I’ve found very helpful.

Debbie Thompson

Age 50

I was at a plateau and nothing seemed to work. Linda reviewed my diet and exercise plan and recommended a bunch of very actionable steps I could take to kick things up a notch. They worked! I was able to lose 5 more pounds and, more importantly, I lost inches all over. Our follow-up calls kept me motivated and on track. Highly recommended!

Mary Debity

Age 59

It is refreshing to get a diet/exercise program from someone who has gone/is going throughthe dirty word “menopause,” that is actually working! Linda has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips and is able to tweak both the exercises and diet based upon my needs. After trying to do this on my own, I have followed her advice and am finally seeing results. I already was an avid exerciser – but I was doing the wrong things!

Carole Faux

Age 53

When I turned 50 I tried to lose weight using plans that worked from my previous weight loss journey. For two years I struggled, I walked, I starved, and I cried. No matter how hard I tried, the weight wouldn’t budge or would even climb higher.
After I signed up for Linda’s Ageless Body Plan things began to change… most importantly, I had support and guidance every step of my journey. After a little more than a month on the program I’ve lost 15 pounds and am loving life more than ever before!

Tammy Gill

Age 53

At 53, I’d been battling weight gain, lack of energy, motivation and inconsistency with exercise and healthy eating for a few years. Because Linda is in the same age bracket, I see her as a “real” person dealing with the type issues many women experience at this age. Through her workout plans and meal plans I’ve lost 12 pounds! Most importantly, I feel healthier, stronger, and am back to a consistent pattern of exercise and healthy eating. Through her professional guidance and accountability, Linda helped me achieve this progress. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Victoria Jacobson

Age 53

Linda Melone stands out from the rest! My busy lifestyle and need for quality info on my body’s needs Linda meets it in her webinars. Fun, to the point, and things I can do right away. Looking for points on nutrition and fitness, specifically designed for over 50 – Linda Melone reaches me in doable, easy to understand methods. Even better, she has the credentials and experience.

Carmel Christine

I gained a lot of weight over the winter months and simply didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Linda evaluated my eating and workout habits, gave good suggestions on how my schedule could be adjusted to accommodate workouts, coached me in really thinking about why I overindulge, gave me great exercises to help with some aches and pains, to name just a few things. I am excited with the simple changes I have made! The best part…I have more energy and am steadily dropping pounds. Linda is very knowledgeable and so personable. She has been a great motivation for me!

Cathy McCollum

Age 60

I have been wanting to get on an exercise program for a long time but didn’t know how to accomplish that. Linda’s videos with demonstrations of the exercises are very easy to follow. It is obvious that she have a passion for helping us ‘over 50’ women look and feel fabulous and I so appreciate that! I am very satisfied with her exercise plans and the morning motivation. I actually look forward to exercise now. And I feel like I have my own personal trainer!

Dena Hooker

Age 56

Linda’s plan is a great program that targets all of my problem areas — it’s a great all around toner!

Erika Cardellini

Age 67

I feel a difference in myself, both physically — abs, arms and legs — and mentally. I look forward to the motivation and the workouts.

Pat Odoms

Age 51

I like getting different ideas on what exercises to do. I am a true beginner who never exercised before February, 2015. I am making progress, although it’s slow. I also love the support I get from the Facebook group and Linda. It’s been a great help with moving me forward and not giving up.

Pam Glenn

Age 60

I’m in the UK but I felt like I was sitting next to Linda, holding a conversation.  She answered every question I put to her. She’s fun to listen to and she knows what she is talking about.

Sue Ainge