It’s that time of year again… Colorful jerseys with cool prints.

After hiding in down jackets and long-sleeved wooly sweaters, it’s warm enough to bare arms. Or you can move to the Arctic Circle, Siberia or Antarctica, where you never need to worry about wearing sleeveless anything.set tops for girls. Top female.

Whatever you call them – lunch lady arms, batwings – flabby underarms are the bane of women over 50, right up there with belly fat and thigh jiggle.

No one wants their arms to keep moving for five minutes after they’ve finished waving.

The muscles I’m talking about specifically: triceps.

They’re not to be confused with triceratops, a dinosaur with three giant horns in the middle of its face that likely never had concerns about flabby underarms.

In fact, if any other dino-friend would dare mock his lack of muscle tone, I’m pretty sure they felt the wrath of those sword-like protrusions in ways we would not want to imagine.

Plus, prehistoric women likely never fretted about underarm flab. They had better things to worry about, like how to cook velociraptor stew when your primitive crockpot is on the fritz.

But I digress.

Back to the triceps.

It’s helpful to know a little bit about the muscle you’re working so you can focus on it when you do the exercises. The mind-body connection, and all that. It works. So bear with me.

As the name implies, the triceps muscle is Latin for “three-headed muscle” in the back of the upper arm, the lateral, medial and long head. For fun, you can call them Kylie, Khloe and Kim.

And, much like the K clan, you’ve probably learned to hate them.

Like the muscles, they don’t do much but somehow manage to get noticed far too often.

These muscles don’t get a lot of use in real life unless you regularly hammer nails into beams overhead while installing crown molding (a construction worker once pointed this out to me).

If you do not work as a remodeler, these muscles can quickly become neglected and not so attractive.

This means you need to make it a point to strengthen them if you want to flaunt your arms this upcoming summer.

The most effective way to tone any body part is by performing a variety of exercises for the same muscle group. Each move puts a slightly different emphasis on the various parts of the triceps, which gives your arm a better, balanced shape.

Make sense?

The general rules, as with any resistance workout:

  1. Do these exercises 3x/week for 12 to 15 reps, making sure the last three reps are a challenge. If you don’t use enough resistance you won’t see results!
  1. Include these as part of your total body workout.

3. If you’re striving for leaner arms, you’ll also need to reign in calories.





Which of these three exercises will you do this week?

Let me know in the comments section below… and please share this with your ageless friends!

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