Let’s face it, gift giving can be fraught with awkward moments. Whether you’re the giver or receiver of a Nicolas Cage Pillowcase, for example, it will likely be the last moment you spend with that person.

(I was going to review a couple other of the Worst Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon on that link, but most are ridiculous beyond my own belief system, and I imagine, yours.)

But when that gift hits the mark, it’s pure joy for everyone.

Happy tears!


Earning a spot on The Best Person EVER pedestal!

Such is the case with a workout that enables you to fit into your fave jeans — or a diet plan that allows pounds to drop off faster than icicles melting in the spring thaw.

Finding the Thing That Finally Works is better than discovering that old painting you dusted off in your attic is worth more than your house.

Or that your favorite discontinued lipstick shade will once again be available.

Or your brother won the lottery and insists on paying off all your bills AND buying you a new car.

Okay, maybe not all those things, but still.

Problem is, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness or dietary plans.

Logically, we know that. But illogically, we want that regardless of what the other half of our brain tells us.

We want that ONE thing — “Just tell me what I need to do!” I hear from women every day. As if I’m holding on to that secret gift, that workout that works for everyone or meal plan that requires you to drink wine and eat a pound of chocolate a day.

Search my house. I swear I know of no such thing.

Here’s how I typically respond when someone demands, “Tell me what I need to do!!”

In essence my response is a various incarnation of the following:

I do. Every day. In every blog post, every free challenge, every video. Read my stuff. Take action. Rinse and repeat.

Ready for a serious TRUTH BOMB? The difference between what works versus what doesn’t is YOU.

You and your commitment to making a change.

Your only resolution to make to succeed: Commit to your goals, no matter what.

That’s it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the cotton candy diet, jungle animal workout, a multi-level marketing meal plan or drinking gallons of water infused with cayenne and lemon juice — it all comes down to your COMMITMENT and DECISION to make a change (not that I recommend any of these, by the way).

Being sorta on board won’t do it.

Crossing your fingers and squeezing your eyes shut hoping for a miracle won’t do it.

Waiting for someone else to do it for you won’t do it.

It’s all up to YOU.

You must be willing to put the time in, do the work and be consistent.

It’s not one way, it’s the ONLY way.

Once you decide the time is NOW — which is all we ever have — flip that switch and stick with your decision no matter what.

So here are the real deal steps you need to take if you’re going to see the results you want:

1. Accept that you can’t get there from here

You must be willing to make changes that will be uncomfortable at first, e.g. cutting out nighttime eating, working out when you’d rather be vegging out to Netflix or eating clean when you’d prefer a cheese-covered burger. Change happens outside your comfort zone.

2. You must have a clear vision of what you want and how that looks

SEE yourself as the person you want to be. When you’re in doubt about any decision to skip a workout, stick a spoon into a carton of ice cream or otherwise make a less-than-healthy choice, ask yourself, “What would my goal person do?” Then do that.

3. Stop blaming anything other than yourself

Genetics. Age. Stress. The dog ate my walking shoes. For every excuse anyone’s ever used to explain away why they can’t lose weight or get fit, there’s someone in the same boat who’s done it. Blind people climb Mt. Everest. An 86-year old nun competes (46 and counting) in Ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim + 112 mile bike ride + 26.2 mile run). A 64-year old woman swam from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. It’s a matter of mindset.

Will you make this next year the year you finally commit to making that change? Post down below if you’re one of the brave, the few, a woman who takes action!


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Your Ageless Body Coach,



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