The Total Ab-Firming Workout Plan

"What do I need to do to fit back into my favorite jeans?!"


The answer isn't doing workouts designed for 20-somethings

It happens in an instant.  

At least it feels that way.

I'm talking about the day you realize you couldn't fit into your favorite pair of pants.

"What is happening?!" you mentally (or outwardly) shriek, as you lie on the bed holding your breath while trying to pull up your zipper.

You haven't done anything different, so what the heck? 

Your body has clearly been making some less-than-favorable changes while you were busy doing other things.

Yup, welcome to the over-50 weight shift. 

You can blame menopause, stress, or finishing off those last few bites off of your granddaughter's plate (why did I not remember how much I love mac and cheese?), but whatever the reason, this waist-expanding situation has GOT TO GO!

I'm Linda Melone, a 61-year old certified trainer who is walking right next to you on this journey.  

I'm here to tell you, don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us, including me. 

The problem is, no one tells you why it happens and what to do about it... until now.

"Having your total body videos to work out with made a HUGE difference in the level of my workouts! I wasn't warming up enough, wasn't pushing myself enough, and there was no variety. Over the last 90 days I've lost a couple of pounds, started lifting heavier dumbbells and today I could do the "one-legged sit-to-stand" -- I was pitiful in the beginning. I plan to continue cycling through these videos as I am still benefiting from them."

Ann Kahler

meet your instructor

linda melone, CSCS


I'm Linda Melone, a 61-year old trainer who's been in the fitness world since 1995. I have four national certifications and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  

I've worked with hundreds of clients in my 20+ years as a trainer. I know what works and what doesn't because I've pretty much tried it or witnessed it with my clients.

PLUS, I found myself overweight the same way I described above. I took my own advice and dropped over 18 lbs. after age 50 and have kept it off for eight years.

So I know it's doable – when you have a plan.

If you've tried fad diets, starving yourself, doing endless crunches -- and all you got for your effort was a sore back and misery -- you know those options are NOT the answer.

You need a plan.

Not one created by some 25-year old who believes "more is better," but by a qualified trainer who's been in your shoes and knows firsthand the challenges you face.

No double talk, hype or fads -- just solid advice that works.

It's why I created the:


Doing tons of crunches isn't enough. 

Here's how the Total Ab-Firming Action Plan flips other plans on their head...


You'll learn the best way to eat for flatter abs

More than half the results you see from any workout plan depends on your diet. The meal plan included in this system is scientifically proven to help women over 50 lose weight and keep it off. Many women lose 25 lbs and more by using this simple, flexible, template.


You won't be bored doing the same old same old

Doing the same old same old *yawn* exercises not only gets super boring, but your muscles adjust. Soon you stop seeing results. The variety of ab and core exercises in this plan targets EVERY ab muscle from all angles. Mix and match as you wish to ensure best results.


You'll receive tips to keep you motivated

Consistency is not one thing -- it's everything. Keeping up with your routine on a regular basis can be tough. I offer simple, doable motivational tips to help you keep your head in the game so you can keep on track. Plus, you'll have access to a private Facebook group for support from other like-minded woman.

3 Things You Need to Know 

√ This program is totally self-study and available to you on demand 
√ You go through it at your own pace 
√ You'll have access to all the material and videos within minutes of registering

You get: 

  • 8 Custom Ab & Core Exercises
  • A Metabolism-Boosting Meal Plan
  • Motivational Tips
  • A Total Body Stretch Routine
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Since working with Linda, I've been able to lose 5 lbs and have firmed up my arms, legs, glutes and abs -- I'm also down one dress size! Linda knows what it takes to get in shape after 50. Her programs are safe and research based. There are no gimmicks. She keeps things interesting by offering a variety of exercises and meal plans that are geared tp women over 50."

Carolyn Raible, 58

"I’ve always led an active life, but recent health and stressful situations in my life set me back. I didn't want to be that 'frail old woman' and knew I needed to get back to working out. I wasn't sure where to turn. I found Linda through a Google search, hoping to find someone

who understood MY body at MY age. She’s amazing; the workouts she prescribed were awesome! Linda made a huge difference in my motivation and results. " 

Terri Moore, 59

"I was sold on Linda after watching her videos and seeing her plan. She just knew her stuff. I accomplished my goal to firm up. She knew what I needed more than I did. She helped me change up the routines so it didn't get boring. I really like her whole-body, 15- to 20-minute workouts, that I can add things to and make longer when I have time."

Alyson Stanfield, 55

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