Hi there. I’m Linda.

I help women over 50 get fit and lose weight so they can enjoy life and feel good about themselves both inside and out.

Does that sound like you?

PLUS… I, too, am over 50 (58, to be exact) and I’ve lost more than 15 lbs since turning 50, so I walk my talk. (Check out my About page for my complete bio.)

In short, I know what you’re up against: weight gain and belly fat that seemingly happens overnight and won’t budge no matter what you do.

And you’re right. It does SEEM impossible — but it’s totally doable when you take the right approach.

It takes time and targeted action, which I am here to share with you.

If that sounds good to you, I welcome you and encourage you to take the first step.

Right here, right now.

Do this one thing:

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Whatever your fitness goals: I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

Your Ageless After 50 Coach,


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